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AI Engineer, Continental Automotive


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  • Women Who Code Leadership Fellow

    Co-lead the cloud/python tracks with Bri

  • Instructor, Udacity

    Built the 2nd course for Intel and Udacity's Intel Edge AI for IoT Developers Nanodegree.

  • Deep learning Consultant, Saama Technologies

    Worked in the field of Edge Computing and Quantum Computing at Saama Technologies.

  • Research Engineer, Saama Technologies

    Worked as a Machine Learning and NLP Researcher at Saama Technologies.

  • Founding Member, Next Tech Lab, SRM University

    Founded the Tesla Lab, under the Next Tech Lab, one of the foremost completely student run lab


Design Optimisation for an Efficient Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicles

In this paper, an overview of a typical WPT system has been given. Simple design equations have been given tooptimise coil design for electric vehicle application.

Covolutional Neural Networks for recognising cancer through DNA methylation

Used a CNN-1D for recognising cpg sites responsible for cancer in DNA.

Detection of non-technical losses using advanced metering infrastructure and deep recurrent neural networks

In India, NTL accounts for roughly 50% of the total loss every year.Irregularities in power usages are detected using a state-of-the-art artificially intelligent algorithm: Recurrent Neural Networks. The algorithm uses Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) units to process sequential power consumption data.

Compositional Attention Networks for Interpretability in Natural Language Question Answering

MAC Net is a compositional attention network designed for Visual Question Answering. We propose a modified MAC net architecture for Natural Language Question Answering. Question Answering typically requires Language Understanding and multi-step Reasoning.


  • IIST Trivandrum in Intel OpenVino
    Sponsored by Intel Software
  • IEM, Kolkata in Intel's Neural Compute Stick
    Sponsored by Intel Software
  • Women in Data Science in Paypal Office, Chennai
    Talk: A bot to detect sexist remarks in the workplace
  • UPES Dehradun in Basics of CNNs and Computer Vision
    Sponsored by Intel Software
  • PySangamam in IIT Madras
    Talk: A Neural Network to understand your handwriting
  • PyCon Malyasia as a Speaker
    Talk: Running Tensoflow Models on the Edge
  • WIPDA, China 2018 a Poster Presentation
    Reduction of Transients in Gallium Nitride Devices using Machine Learning

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Smart Meters And The Barriers It Faces In India.

Theft in India accounts to around $16.2 billion per year, highest in the world. The only possible solution is to use Smart meters for constant monitoring of power. Unfortunately, Smart meters are still in the development stage and its proper implementation face a lot of barriers in India.

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Tesla's Failed Attempt On The American Solar Dream

LIn a world where coal is limited and fossil fuel is depleting at alarming rates, the world seems to be looking for the next renewable energy. Tesla is offering the world an alternative for electricity with its superhero Elon Musk leading the frontier.

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SwipeAway: An Intel RealSense Application

Tired of pressing keys or having a pointer to change slides in your presentation? What if you could just swipe your fingers to change your slides?

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